Meet Our SisterMom Experts

Each of our SisterMom experts have been researched, interviewed and highly recommended by their clients. We only put our stamp of approval on the best of the best. If you’re interested in becoming a SisterMom expert, contact us.

*Disclaimer: SisterMom is not affiliated with any experts. We just recommend them. It’s up to you to decide what is best for you and your family. SisterMom is not liable for the parenting choices you make based on our experts advice… but we do support you 100%! You’ve got this, mama.

Shannon Lanzerotta

Specialty: Mom Support, Teens
Why we choose her:  Shannon is the founder and CEO of SisterMom. To learn more about her SisterMom journey, click here. Shannon is a licensed counselor who specializes in communication. She has worked with everyone from kids and families to Fortune 500 companies. She developed and teaches The Perspective Process™, which provides a solid foundation for happy relationships. She is currently enrolling moms with a bachelor degree or equivalent, to become SisterMom approved Perspective Coaches™. She has a straight-forward, supportive approach that works well with moms and teens. If you’re looking to develop ideal relationships with your family and friends (who isn’t!?), or you’re interested in training to support other moms (make money and help moms = win-win!), Shannon is the expert for you.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (760) 517-6334
Sistermom Perk: Free 30 minute into to The Perspective Process™.

Dr. Paula Wilkes, Ph.D.

Specialty: Gifted Children and Adults, Spiritual Mentor
Why we choose her:  We went looking for the best of the best in regards to gifted children. When we found her, she said she was swamped with a research project, but she gave us the contact information of her mentor. Her mentor? You mean it gets better!? Yes, yes it does. Dr. Wilkes has an impressive resume and soothing demeanor. One session will have you packing your bags for Los Angeles, just so you can feel her loving presence in person. In addition to working with people who are intellectually gifted, she also works with those who have spiritual gifts. If you’re a gifted parent and/or looking for guidance for your gifted child, Dr. Wilkes is the expert for you.

Email: [email protected]
Sistermom Perk: Free initial consultation, reduced session rate for SisterMoms

Parul Agrawal

Specialty: Mompreneurs, Publishing
Why we choose her:  We met Parul shortly after she launched her bestselling book, Juicing for Healthier Families. It wasn’t a bestseller at the time, but we knew Parul was headed for success. Since then, she has shined up her resume (International Bestselling Author on Amazon, Forbes Coaches Council Member, a contributor for Forbes, the Huffington Post and Thrive Global, featured on ABC Channel’s morning show Sonoran Living, and more) but her approach to coaching is as grounded as ever. A few of the SisterMom experts are contributors for her latest book, When You’re DONE Expecting. Check it out here. If you’re looking to launch a business or a book, Parul is your expert.

Email: [email protected]
Sistermom Perk: 1 Pick-Your-Brain Session (30 minutes) for $50

Kimberly Bepler

Specialty: Postpartum, Birth Worker Career Counseling
Why we choose her:  Kimberly is a postpartum powerhouse! She has a plethora of certifications (Certified Postpartum Doula, CAPPA Faculty Postpartum Doula Trainer, Certified Lactation Educator™, the Executive Director of the Lactation Educator Program for CAPPA and a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant) but, most importantly, she’s who we want to have around when there are hormones and babies involved. She has a gentle, take-charge attitude. Her current passion is to train other doulas and educators to be awesome support for families. If you’re interested in learning more about birth worker professions, Kimberly is your expert.

Phone: (503) 752-1691
Sistermom Perk: Free 15 minute birth worker consultation (learn about your options for support or learn about birth worker career opportunities.)

Dr. Lena Fernandez, NMD

Specialty: Naturopathic Health
Why we choose her:  We first met Dr. Fernandez at our local wellness center. She quickly became our favorite Naturopathic Medical Doctor. She has such a wealth of knowledge regarding holistic healthcare, and she gives free hugs! We really felt like she cared about our well-being, and she’s more than willing to take the time to make sure you understand your options. She has a direct, caring approach. If you’re looking to increase your energy levels (what mom isn’t?) and improve your overall health, Dr. Fernandez is the expert for you.

Email: [email protected]
Sistermom Perk: For a free consult with Dr. Fernandez, click here:

Aditi Wardhan Singh

Specialty: Cultural Senstivity, Positivity Coach
Why we choose her:  We met Aditi through the When You’re DONE Expecting book community. We love her passion to educate the parents and children of the world on different cultural perspectives. Aditi has quite the intercultural background herself – being of Indian decent, brought up in Kuwait, and now making a life in the US. She is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Raising World Children Magazine, which features articles from adults and children around the world. She has a positive, gentle approach, and strives to understand your personal perspective. If you’re looking to learn more about raising culturally-sensitive kids, Aditi is the expert for you.

Email: [email protected]
Sistermom Perk: Free 15 minute cultural parenting consultation

Kelly Sunshine

Specialty: Birth Support and Education
Why we choose her:  Kelly is the birth doula in Arizona. Everyone kept singing her praises all over the internet, so we decided to contact her and bring her on board. When we interviewed her, we quickly understood what all the fuss was about. She’s obviously very knowledgeable about the birthing process, but it’s more than that. Kelly just makes you feel like you can do anything – including give birth to a baby naturally. She has a cool, caring approach. If you’re looking for a birth doula (in Arizona) or want quality information on childbirth, Kelly is the expert for you.

Phone Number: (602) 410-5968
SisterMom Perk: $5 off her amazing Birth Bundle when you use the promotional code: SISTERMOM (see website)

Lori Isenstadt

Specialty: Breastfeeding Support
Why we choose her:  Our CEO, Shannon, found Lori after a very rough start to breastfeeding (so many tears!). Shannon was desperate to keep her breastfeeding relationship afloat. She consulted multiple pediatricians and lactation consultants, but sank deeper into despair after each consult failed to provide relief. By the time she found Lori, her son was off the breast, and being fed pumped milk through a dropper. Lori quickly discovered her son was tongue-tied, and the path to blissful breastfeeding was slowly reestablished. Lori has a relaxed, confident approach that works perfectly for struggling new mamas.

Phone: (623) 252-2290
SisterMom Perk: Free Ebook about the third trimester! Go to

Shaweta “Shay” Vasudeva

Specialty: Mind-body connection, holistic nutrition
Why we choose her:  Shay came highly recommended by another SisterMom expert, so we decided to give her a call. Her resume includes a Master’s degree in Psychology, as well as numerous other credentials (Black Belt, Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, and Internal Martial Arts Practitioner, Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutritional Therapist and college professor). Originally, we thought Shay could help kids with special needs formulate specialized diet plans. It turns out Shay can help everyone increase focus and well-being, so we decided not to limit her to one population. We found her especially knowledgeable on the ketogenic diet, as well as effective weight-loss strategies. When it comes to health, she believes a positive attitude is essential, and we think her psychology degree combined with her fitness and nutritional training makes her the ultimate mind-body powerhouse. She has a spirited, uplifting approach that’s perfect for moms who need motivation, as well as knowledgeable support.

Phone: (480) 294-9952
SisterMom Perk: Free initial 30 minute Discovery Session (in office or by phone)