About SisterMom

SisterMom is a community of moms who have come together to provide REAL mom support. The website provides informational articles and videos from some the world’s leading mom experts. The experts include (but are not limited to): birthing specialists, postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, sleep consultants, parenting experts, counselors and doctors, specializing in one or more mom-related areas.

The SisterMom concept was started by Shannon Lanzerotta, a licensed counselor and mother. When Shannon was child-free and single she was happy, but felt like something was missing. She yearned for a family and to “have it all.” As a counselor, she specialized in working with kids and families. Providing parenting support was an essential part of the therapy process, and clients always gave her great feedback.

Fast forward a couple years to a difficult pregnancy, a tongue-tied newborn, breastfeeding issues, postpartum depression, sleepless nights, little family support and many other life issues, and suddenly she was doubting everything. She quickly realized she needed more help than one person could provide. Unfortunately, the internet resources were overwhelming and time-consuming. Lost and alone in motherhood, her dreams of having it all were slowly became a distant memory.

She decided to implement her own counseling advice and started surrounding herself with support. She stepped out of her “mom bubble” and reached out to other moms for conversation and playdates. That’s when she started hearing her story… over and over, from the mouths of other moms. Many felt lost, many felt alone. They felt just like her, but everyone was too busy trying to be a good mom to reach out and get the support they needed to feel successful.

That’s when Shannon decided to create a website dedicated to supporting moms. The mom experts and resources were out there, they just needed to be organized in one place. And from that desire, SisterMom was born. SisterMom is not one person, SisterMom is an idea… a sisterhood of moms gathering under one website to share what they know, and learn what they don’t. Join us here and on Facebook. www.facebook.com/realmomsupport.
Welcome to our community, mama. Welcome to REAL mom support.