The ball has dropped, the fireworks have fizzled and the wine bottle is empty. It’s officially 2018! Great things are on your to-do list! This is your year! You’re going to make it happen! But first, you need to buy groceries (and wine), change a diaper, and shuttle your kids to their activities.

Let’s face it: being a mom is time-consuming. In your exhaustion, you may let things slide – like making vision boards and New Year’s resolutions. It’s okay if you haven’t figured out what you want for 2018. You’ve still got time!

Here are 5 easy ways to get inspired, and start the New Year off right:

  1. Create Something. Art, a blog, a Facebook group, and home decorating are all ways you can channel your inner Goddess. As humans we long to express ourselves. What makes you YOU? Find something that resonates, and make it come to life.
  2. Buy trendy clothes you wouldn’t necessarily buy, and wear them! Want to save money? Shop at a thrift store – or even better, go through your closet and find a new wardrobe combo that’s bright and powerful… Just like you!
  3. Do something fun with your hair. Get bangs, a new cut and/or some funky purple highlights. Not sure you want to commit? Head to a salon store and buy some fun clip-on extensions.
  4. Go somewhere outside of your comfort zone. Toastmasters, a new church, a night club or a women’s networking meeting are just a few ways you can get out there and show the world your awesomeness. Whatever you chose, push your limits. It’s being outside your comfort zone that will help you realize just how amazing you are.
  5. Reflect on what’s not working and change it. Find some time to reflect on one or two things that aren’t working for you. Then, decide what the first step is to change these things. You don’t have to map out your entire change revolution, just the first thing you need to do to get going.

The key is to do something different and, most importantly, invest in yourself.  You might be surprised how much energy and inspiration you will feel from making one little tweak to your daily life. Sometimes you just need a new environment (or some purple hair) to put the spring right back in your supermom step.

Hold that empty wine glass high, momma, because you’re gonna rock 2018. Cheers!


About the Author:

Shannon Lanzerotta is the founder and CEO of SisterMom. She has a Bachelor of Art in Communication and a Master of Science in Community Counseling. She is considered to be a perspective expert by fortune 500 companies who pay her to train their employees. She is also a licensed counselor whose mission is to support moms through her Perspective Program™. In addition, she has a handsome Italian-American husband and feisty Italian-Irish-Native American son. When they go to bed, she stays up late watching America’s Next Top Model, therefore, she often lacks sleep. In additional, addition, she loses her cell phone and keys constantly… so take all those degrees and accomplishments with a grain of salt, like everything else in life. You can contact her at [email protected]